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  • What type of products do you offer?
    We offer a wide selection of teas and tea accessories, herbs and herbal products, spices, gift packages and subscription boxes. We try to add new items frequently. And occasionally there may be a bath product or other locally crafted product available that goes with some of our teas. These items would be listed in the “Limited Edition” category when they are available.
  • Where are your products made?
    We custom blend many of our teas and herbal tisanes in-house in small batches. However, the ingredients themselves are grown all over the world as most of them are not native to the United States. We do source from the US when available. Many of the flavor profiles of various teas, herbs, and florals are best when harvested from their native habitat. All of our products are labeled with a complete list of ingredients in order of predominance. We only use natural ingredients in our blends.
  • What if I'm allergic to an ingredient?
    It is nearly impossible these days to make a product that 100% of the people can use 100% of the time. There are so many variations in allergies and sensitivities that exist. All of our products list all of the ingredients in their product descriptions. Should you be interested in a product that has an ingredient that you are sensitive to, or allergic to, please feel free to contact us. In many cases we can substitute an ingredient for you depending on which product and which ingredient. Teas that come to us pre-blended (not blended in-house) cannot be changed. Please be advised, however, that there may be a minimum purchase for custom formulations and pricing may vary from the original blend pricing.
  • Are your products organic?
    We do use organic ingredients when available and when not cost prohibitive. While we do not have our facility certified organic, nor are our products certified organic, you can absolutely see what ingredients are organic by looking at our ingredient label on each product. Organic ingredients are indicated with an asterisk (*).
  • Do you offer decaffeinated tea?
    Most of our herbal tisanes are naturally caffeine-free (there are a few exceptions including a few specific blends and anything that contains Yerba Maté, Guayusa, or Yaupon). We do not offer actual tea (Camellia sinensis) leaf that has been decaffeinated. In our opinion, the process in which the tea leaf undergoes in order to remove the caffeine negatively affects the quality and flavor of the brewed tea. And they are never truly 100% decaffeinated. Decaffeinated teas do not move as fast which means they will remain on our shelves for far too long and we pride ourselves in always providing the freshest, finest quality of tea to our customers.
  • Do you offer private label?
    We are not currently offering private labeling options for our products. We do, however, offer a limited amount of custom labeling options (co-branding) for businesses, events, and occasions (favors). For more information please contact us so we can discuss your needs.
  • What is your return policy?
    Due to the nature of our products (consumable, food & public health safety), we do not offer returns, refunds or exchanges. If you are purchasing a product as a gift please verify that the recipient does not have any allergies or other dietary requirements or restrictions as we cannot accept returns or offer exchanges on consumable products for health and sanitation reasons. The exception to this is an in-house blending error. If you are sent the wrong product we will correct the problem. ​
  • How long will it take to receive my order?
    We strive to get orders shipped out within 48 business hours of receipt of orders. In the event we are out of stock of a tea or an included ingredient we will notify you immediately with an approximate date of availability. We do try to keep our website up to date with inventory levels but occasionally something may slip past us.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We currently accept MC, Visa, AmEx, Discover, Checks, Cash, and Money Orders. Payment in full must be made prior to orders being packed and shipped. Payments made via check or money order will not be processed until payment has cleared our banking institution.
  • Is there a local pick-up option available?
    Absolutely. Orders may be picked up at a location at our storefront location: 111 W Main St, #200, Garner, NC 27529. Please contact us to make arrangements once you receive notification that your order is ready for pick up.
  • Do you offer quantity discounts?
    Quantity discounts are not available unless noted on the product listing. We do, however, offer various monthly specials. And many of our products are available at wholesale to valid businesses. Please contact us for more information if you are looking for wholesale.
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