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green tea

Green tea is mostly grown in China and Japan. However, it has begun to be cultivated in many other countries.

Its flavor varies from light and floral to astringent and grassy. It produces a green or yellow liquor. And is not generally taken with milk (with a few exceptions).

But what makes it GREEN tea? It is plucked, withered, and rolled. It is not oxidized at all. Fresh leaves are steamed or pan-fired to stop the enzymes from browning.

As with Black teas, Green teas may be found single-origin or may even be a blend of different origins.  

And then there are also flavored green teas.  They can be flavored with a variety of methods: herbals, sweets (such as chocolate chips, candy pieces, etc), coffee beans, natural or artificial flavorings, and even fruits and florals.  Green teas are especially good when blended with fruits and florals. To prepare Green Tea: 1 tsp ~ 8 oz water ~ 175 F ~ 2-3 minutes

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