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Golden Goodness 3oz Jar

Golden Goodness 3oz Jar




Golden Milk is a traditional Indian beverage that is not only delicious, but it's also a healthy daily treat. It's known for its many health benefits. But what's in it? It's a synergistic blend of Turmeric, Cinnamon, Ginger, and White Pepper ground to a super fine powder. We've done all the measuring, blending, and grinding for you so it's super easy to make one of these delicious drinks at home. All you need to add is a little healthy fat (coconut oil), nut milk (we prefer almond milk but you can use any other nut milk), and a little local honey. My personal favorite is to top it off with a sprinkled blend of ground cinnamon, clove, and cayenne.


What's different about our Golden Milk Powder is that we use White Pepper in ours instead of Black Pepper. Pepper is needed for its piperine to boost the bioavailability and absorption of curcumin (a compound in turmeric). We use White Pepper because it has a milder flavor and it is less likely to cause indigestion than Black Pepper.


Ingredients: turmeric*, ceylon cinnamon*, ginger*, white pepper* (*organic)


Brewing instructions: Place .5-1 tsp of blend in a cup - add 1 T of Coconut Oil (76) - add 2-3 T Honey - Blend to create a paste - Heat 10 oz Almond or Coconut Milk - Mix well with paste until smooth - top with ground cinnamon, clove or cayenne (or a blend of all)


Teas are packaged in resealable, biodegradable rice bags. Tins may be available for purchase separately.


Available Sizes: 3 oz (85g)

Yields approx. 25 cups of Golden Milk