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Western/Modern Method

The Western/Modern method for brewing tea is a straightforward approach that involves steeping loose tea leaves in hot water for a specific period to extract flavor and aroma. Here's a general overview of the steps involved:

  1. Boil Water: Start by heating fresh, cold water in a kettle or on the stovetop. The temperature of the water will depend on the type of tea you're brewing. For black tea, water at a full rolling boil (around 200-212°F or 90-100°C) is typically used. Green tea and white tea generally require slightly cooler water temperatures, around 170-185°F (75-85°C). See our Brew Guide below for temperatures used for other types of tea.

  2. Preheat Teapot or Mug: While the water is heating, preheat your teapot or mug by rinsing it with a little hot water. This helps to maintain the temperature of the brewed tea.

  3. Measure Tea Leaves: Measure the appropriate amount of loose tea leaves based on your personal preference and the type of tea. As a general guideline, use about 1 to 2 teaspoons (or 2-4 grams) of tea leaves per 8-ounce cup of water. Weight is the better option for measuring tea leaves as some teas don't quite fit into a teaspoon (White Silver Needle for example).

  4. Add Tea Leaves: Place the measured tea leaves into the preheated teapot or mug.

  5. Pour Hot Water: Once the water reaches the desired temperature, pour it over the tea leaves in the teapot or mug. Use enough water to fully submerge the tea leaves and cover them completely.

  6. Steep: Allow the tea leaves to steep in the hot water for the recommended amount of time. The steeping time can vary depending on the type of tea and your personal preference. As a general guideline:

  • Black Tea: 3 to 5 minutes

  • Green Tea: 2 to 3 minutes

  • White Tea: 2 to 3 minutes

  • Oolong Tea: 3 to 4 minutes

  • Herbal Tea: 5+ minutes

  1. Strain or Remove Tea Leaves: After the steeping time is complete, strain the tea leaves from the brewed tea using a tea strainer or remove the infuser if you used one.

  2. Serve: Pour the brewed tea into cups and serve hot. You can enjoy the tea as is or add milk, sugar, honey, or lemon according to your preference.

Keep in mind that steeping tea leaves at too high temperature or for too long can, and will, create a bitter cup that will require more sweetener to create a palatable brew. We recommend following package recommendations for steeping. And adding more or less tea leaves to adjust for desired strength rather than increasing temperature or time.

Remember to adjust brewing parameters such as tea quantity, water temperature, and steeping time based on your taste preferences and the specific characteristics of the tea you're brewing. Experimenting with different brewing techniques can help you find the perfect cup of tea for your palate.

Most of all, we hope you will enjoy your tea experience and experiment to find the way that YOU enjoy taking tea!!

Brew Guide

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