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white tea

White Tea comes from the Fujian Province of China, but it is beginning to be grown in other regions. It is the least processed of teas. The leaves are plucked before they open and are not rolled or oxidized as other teas. It is generally sun-dried. It gets its name from the downy white/silvery “fuzz” that is on the fresh young leaves.

It has a delicate and sweet aroma and flavor with a very pale liquor produced.  It is not taken with milk. Due to the delicate and subtle flavor of White tea, it is perfect for blending with lighter florals and fruits that would otherwise be overpowered by other teas.

To prepare White Tea: 1 tsp ~ 8 oz water ~ 175 F ~ 1-2 minutes

White Tea leaves are sometimes difficult to measure by volume.  Therefore measuring by weight may be simpler.  3-4g per 8 oz water would be used.

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