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yellow tea

Yellow Tea is considered to be a very rare tea due to where it is grown, how it is harvested and the intensive processing it goes through. It is only produced in China. Care should be taken with purchasing from reputable vendors – some poorer quality green teas are being passed off as yellow tea.

Yellow Tea gets its name from the straw, yellow, colored liquor it produces. Its flavor is smooth & sweet, clean & floral without the grassy flavor of green tea.

Yellow tea (huang cha) is produced in much the same way as green tea.  Except there is an additional step included.  It is also partially oxidized through this process.  This additional step is called Men Huang which means “sealing yellow”.

golden dragon yellow tea
Golden Dragon Yellow Tea

We currently stock ONE Yellow Tea, Golden Dragon. This particular tea is nicknamed “10 degree yellow tea” by tea artisans as it has a unique minimal 10% fermentation. The infusion it produces is a deep golden color. It has a delightfully floral flavor and is similar to that of an Oolong (floral with a clean, fresh mouth feel).

To prepare Yellow Tea: 1 tsp ~ 8 oz water ~ 175 F ~ 1-3 minutes May be infused multiple times with longer steeping times with each infusion.

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