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Stir Fry Blend - Salt-Free

Stir Fry Blend - Salt-Free


Elevate your stir-fry dishes with our Salt-Free Stir Fry Blend. Crafted with organic ingredients: sesame seeds, red bell pepper, garlic, onion, celery seed, lemon peel, orange peel, chili pepper, and ginger, this flavorful blend adds depth and aroma to your favorite stir-fry recipes without the salt. Experience the perfect balance of savory and aromatic flavors in every dish!


Ingredients: sesame seeds*, red bell pepper*, garlic*, onion*, celery seed*, lemon peel*, orange peel*, chili pepper*, ginger*.(*organic)


Spice Blends are packaged in resealable, biodegradable kraft brown/clear bags. Other containers (glass and plastic) are sold seperately.


Available Sizes: 1 oz (28g), 3 oz (85g)


*Splash & Dash is a brand of Steep Right Up™