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This is one of our February 2022 Goimagine Challenge tea blends.  It is made with a blend of Organic Rwandan Black Tea, spicy cinnamon & clove, dark chocolate, rose petals and calendula petals.  The Rwandan Black tea produces notes of walnut and candied flavors which blends so well with the inclusions we selected. Add a little honey or sugar to bring out the spicy chocolate notes.


Empow[her] is one of two tea blends created in response to’s February Theme Challenge which was to Celebrate Women! International Women’s Day (March) is a day celebrating the historical, cultural, and political achievements of women around the globe.  


Enjoy your tea…..honor the women in your life…..surround yourself with PHENOMENAL women!!!


Ingredients: rwandan black tea*, dark chocolate, rose petals*, calendula petals*, orange peel*, natural cinnamon flavor, cinnamon, clove (*organic)


Brewing instructions: 1 tsp (3g) / 8-10 oz water /195- 212°F / 4-5 minutes

Double the amount of tea leaves for iced tea


Teas are packaged in resealable, biodegradable rice bags. Tins may be available for purchase separately.


Available Sizes: 2 oz (57g)

Yields approximagely 19 cups based on 3g/cup.